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Florida Boating Accidents and Maritime Claims

On an annual basis, Florida has the most cruise passengers in the country. Florida is also among the nation’s leaders in the amount of registered personal watercrafts.  Accidents happen on the water, whether you are on a charter fishing boat or a mega cruise ship. When accidents happen on the water they can be serious.

Insufficient to poor medical care on cruise ships and delays in care on small pleasure crafts can often increase a serious injury into a permanent catastrophic injury, or even death.  The shortened Statute of Limitations on cruise ship injuries and or death, (often 1 year) makes the timing of a decision to go forward with a lawsuit urgent.

The law firm of Valencia has extensive experience in cruise ship accident cases, diving accident cases, near shore and offshore accident injury cases, passenger and recreational boating accident cases, and Seaman’s claims. We have handled numerous maritime claims on behalf of seamen and their families under the Federal Jones Act and the Federal Death on The High Seas Act, as well as filing negligence actions in state court for cruise ship passengers and their families.

We have handled death claims and serious injury claims for clients who live throughout the country but were injured in Florida, or cruises that began in Florida.  The firm handles these cases on a contingency fee basis.  If there is no recovery, we do not recover our costs, or any fees.