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Dedicated Fort Lauderdale, FL Personal Injury Lawyers

Although beautiful South Florida can be a dangerous place, recent surveys and newspaper reports rank South Florida in the top 5 geographic areas for accidents involving pedestrians, bicyclists, automobile and or motor vehicles, trucks, workplace accidents and injuries due to falls in private clubs, restaurants, hotels and parking lots. Stewart Valencia P.A. handles all these types of personal injury law cases from Miami Dade County through Fort Lauderdale Broward County, Key Largo, Marathon and Key West, Monroe County, and West Palm Beach Palm Beach County: commonly referred to as the tri-county area.

When you are faced with catastrophic injury, or the death of a loved one, you need to take action quickly. The personal injury attorneys at Stewart Valencia P.A. have extensive experience in serious accident and wrongful death cases, including: first party claims, third party claims, and bad faith litigation in both Florida State Courts and United States Federal Courts.

In pursuit of your claim, and in protecting your legal rights, we will take the necessary statements of witnesses, photograph the scene (where applicable), order and review medical records, help to ensure treatment by qualified physicians, and hire the necessary experts to properly litigate your case – all at no upfront cost to you. We work on a contingency fee basis in our personal injury cases, which means that we only take a fee if we are successful in obtaining a recovery for you.

Hiring the right personal injury attorney is a very important decision that can have a lasting impact on your life. Make sure you have an experienced litigation firm on your side that is battle tested with extensive civil trial experience. The Law firm of Stewart Valencia P.A. is such a firm with over fifty years of combined personal injury law experience between Mr. Valencia and Of Counsel Mr. Kenneth E. Cohen.